About Us

Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit organization that aims to decelerate the climate crisis through climate education and blue carbon ecosystem conservation. We strongly believe in a community-based conservation model - placing Indonesian coastal communities at the heart of our conservation work.

When you conserve with CarbonEthics, you are not only creating positive environmental change, you are advancing social impact by directly enhancing the livelihoods of our coastal community partners.

Our Vision

Sustainable living for a healthy Earth & humanity.

Our Mission

Demystify the climate crisis to inspire and enable climate action, while improving the livelihood of communities.

carbonethics founders

Our Story

Our Co-founders met in One Young World Summit 2018 in The Netherlands, representing their respective companies to contribute to solving the world's most pressing issues. Besides working on initiatives in their respective companies, our Co-founders realized that there is an urgent issue that humanity is facing - the climate crisis. 

In May 2019, CarbonEthics was founded, aiming to decelerate the climate crisis through educating, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint. Starting as a grass-root initiative, CarbonEthics is now an official Not-For-Profit Organization and is able to partner with not only individuals but also with institutions. 

Our  Leadership Team

Halilintar Ramadhan

Chief Technology Officer

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Data and tech guy at both Corporate (Unilever) and NGO (CarbonEthics). Try to do small but scalable solution for climate education through technology.


Head of Finance

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Data and Process Improvement people who love travelling and nature. Everything is always start from yourself. Don't ask other people to change if you don't start. Big Dream. Any small actions will count.

Agung Bimo Listyanu

Co-founder | Chief Commercial Officer

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Corporate activist, pursuing my mission for planet earth through carbon management.


The climate cannot wait, we have to act now. Reduce your carbon emission and sequester them back to the soil. Make our mother earth chill again.

Innandya Irawan

Co-founder | Chief Operating Officer

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Transformation professional and low carbon lifestyle advocate; I blend my passion for Agility and apply that to blue-carbon conservation efforts.

Carbon budget is running out, the world must move to a low carbon economy. Lets build the stubborn optimism to make the earth chill again.

Jessica Novia

Co-founder | Chief Creative Officer

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A global brand manager and a nature lover - using the power of logic & magic to inspire the world in taking action to save our nature.

Nature gives us everything for free, all nature asks is for us to love her. Let's share our love and nature will nurture us and our next generation wholeheartedly.