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Based Conservation"

Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit organization that aims to decelerate the climate crisis through climate education and blue carbon ecosystem conservation. We strongly believe in a community-based conservation model - placing Indonesian coastal communities at the heart of our conservation work. When you conserve with CarbonEthics, you are not only creating positive environmental change, you are advancing social impact by directly enhancing the livelihoods of our coastal community partners.

Our Vision

Sustainable living for a healthy Earth & humanity.



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The Climate Crisis"


Our Co-founders met in One Young World Summit 2018 in The Netherlands, representing their respective companies to contribute to solving the world's most pressing issues. Besides working on initiatives in their respective companies, our Co-founders realized that there is an urgent issue that humanity is facing - the climate crisis. 

In May 2019, CarbonEthics was founded, aiming to decelerate the climate crisis through educating, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint. Starting as a grass-root initiative, CarbonEthics is now an official Not-For-Profit Organization and is able to partner with not only individuals but also with institutions. 

Our Mission

Demystify the climate crisis to inspire and enable climate action, while improving the livelihood of communities.

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Urgent Issues"

Our Team

Agung Bimo Listyanu


Chief Operating Officer

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Corporate activist, pursuing my mission for planet earth through carbon management.


The climate cannot wait, we have to act now. Reduce your carbon emission and sequester them back to the soil. Make our mother earth chill again.

Innandya Irawan


Chief Growth Officer

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Transformation professional and low carbon lifestyle advocate; I blend my passion for Agility and apply that to blue-carbon conservation efforts.

Carbon budget is running out, the world must move to a low carbon economy. Lets build the stubborn optimism to make the earth chill again.

Jessica Novia


Chief Impact Officer

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A global brand manager and a nature lover - using the power of logic & magic to inspire the world in taking action to save our nature.

Nature gives us everything for free, all nature asks is for us to love her. Let's share our love and nature will nurture us and our next generation wholeheartedly.

Halilintar Ramadhan

Chief Technology Officer

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Data and tech guy at both Corporate (Unilever) and NGO (CarbonEthics). Try to do small but scalable solution for climate education through technology.

Angga Bastian Simamora

Head of People & Culture

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Your ordinary HR guy who believes in kindness. Currently working in a local start up, helping mom & pop shop to stay relevant with markets.


I am still learning to help our mother earth and trust that Carbon Ethics will help me finding the way

Ester Fonseca-Patriarco

Senior Education & Marketing Manager

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Perpetually curious changemaker who is passionate about promoting solutions for a more just and sustainable world. I aim to inspire others to take climate action through their businesses, homes, and communities. Climate change is a intergenerational challenge that requires action from all of us.

Yen Vo

Digital Marketing Manager

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Entrepreneur who strongly believes, businesses can do well by doing good. My mission is to use my voice and profits to create sustainable solutions and inspire individuals in making conscious living choices.

"The power of one is to ignite the power of everyone"

Megawati Irawan



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A passionate marketer and she just don't want too busy making money to buy a big house but the land where she lives is sinking day by day.

Dominika Dwi Veridianti

Carbon Education Manager

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A biotechnologist and synthetic biology enthusiast. When planning to move to mars, she realized that earth is the only home for human, and, now, she lives in her two dreams: to relive the earth's environment and to share the joy with people in needs.



Senior Creative Design Manager

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A carbon producer trying to atone for her own sins through visual communication.


Find out what you can do to fight the climate crisis and truly do it. It can be sharing information, donation, offsetting, or anything else. Just do something! Remember, every small action counts.



Education Creative Design Manager

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An environmental and sustainability enthusiast.


If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us.


Senior Carbon Ecotrip & Social Impact Manager

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A free soul with an addiction in traveling and a community development enthusiast.


We don't have any other planet to go to. We have to protect our mother earth now.

Seruni Lumongga

Social Impact


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Majored in Sociology, she concerns about social issues such as: environmental, sustainability and disability studies. She plans to working at NGO for her future career and also have her own bakery shop.

Faiz Abdul Karim

Carbon EcoTrip


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Aspiring Sustainable Tourism Marketer.

We also share this earth with generations that come after us. And it is in our hand to decide what kind of earth we would like the next generations to have.

Robert Rudini

Carbon EcoTrip


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Eka Cahyaningrum

Senior Operations Manager

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Wildlife conservation practitioner


We are one of the cause of today's climate crisis, that is why we have to take responsibility

Thierris Nora Kusuma



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Sustainability and environment enthusiast.


Because we have only one Earth and there will be no Earth 2.0 to be our second chance

Nurma Tsabita Hanifah



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A lifelong learner who passionate in marine conservation.

I noticed our ocean are threatened with pollution from anthropogenic activities. If we want to live on a healthy planet for another million years ahead, it's not only how to cope with this problem but how to prevent it from happening too.

Tania Callista Tanuwijaya



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Aspiring social entrepreneur, enthusiastic at making greater impact through business.


We have less than 8 years to save the planet. Whatever your profession, background, society - lets make a better future by living responsibly today. Don't give up without trying - have hope, and fight.



Carbon Offset and Growth Manager

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Marine coastal conservation enthusiast.


Ocean need more attention because climate change is an ocean issue, our ocean will be the first victim and sea life will suffer dramatically.

Robi Ginting

Policy and Advocacy Advisor

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Climate and Energy Thinker


Time runs out as you question climate change, stand our ground to advocate #BuildBackBetter #JustTransition

Chikitta Carnelian

Policy and Advocacy Advisor

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Vin Cent



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Data and Process Improvement people who love travelling and nature. Everything is always start from yourself. Don't ask other people to change if you don't start. Big Dream. Any small actions will count.

Gayo Allaam

Associate Finance Manager - VCM

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Sustainability and climate change enthusiast with finance and accounting background. My aspiration is to help making the earth great again so that the future generation will be able to fulfill their needs as we are able right now. Compassion, Contribution, and Commitment. To Live is To Give

Prima Yudantra

Technical Advisor & Engineering Lead

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A Tech guy who loves to learn about distributed system and computing. Lover of open source and social impact.