​We offset carbon footprints via the direct restoration and conservation of the “Blue Carbon Ecosystem” by planting mangrove trees, seagrass, seaweed and coral through an innovative partnership with local farmers.

Our current work is focused in Thousand Islands, Jakarta, and Rembang with future expansion planned in Jepara.

Besides helping to cultivate a healthy coastal ecosystem that has quantifiable climate and carbon benefits, this partnership has the added benefit of improving the livelihoods for participating coastal communities.

What is Carbon Offset?

Carbon Offsetting is about reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere in equal proportion to our production. When we offset, we fund projects that avoid, reduce or remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.


For example, if you take a round flight trip from Jakarta to Bali, you will emit around 350 kg of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It means you can plant 7 mangrove trees to offset and compensate the emissions from that trip.

Blue Carbon - Mangrove
Blue Carbon - Seagrass
Blue Carbon - Seaweed
Blue Carbon - Coral

Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t!


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Blue Carbon - Seagrass