Coral Restoration
in Bali


Padangbai, Bali


Nature-based solutions


Rp 125,000/Baby Coral

SDGs Supported


Bali is located in the Pacific Coral Triangle, an ocean area with the greatest diversity of coral species in the world. Once known as the best reef in the sea, has now degraded due to rapid tourism growth and climate change.

Bali is our main focus for climate disaster mitigation in shaping a low-carbon society through coral protection and plantation. We are focusing on coral restoration because it is essential to guarantee coastal protection and marine conservation. They are known as 'rainforests of the sea' because they are home to almost 25% of all known marine species.

Through this coral restoration project, not only we are trying to save the marine biodiversity, but also shaping a generation with coral-friendly behavior and are more committed to climate action efforts with our woman empowerment program, Coral Scholar.

Project Highlight

  • Coral Restoration

  • Woman Empowerment through Coral Scholar

The Impact

We are continuously doing our coral restoration and evaluating its impact on biodiversity. In 2021, we were able to create a 3-meter tall coral garden structure in Padangbai, Bali. Building a coral garden has been a model that actively implemented around the island to rehabilitate marine life by planting nursery-grown corals back onto reefs and form coral resilience to threats like climate change and harmful fishing practices. ​While our corals are growing, it attracts other species such as sea turtles, feather stars, and fishes to the coral bed. 

To support our aim to build a low-carbon society, we empower local youth, specifically young women, to understand the importance of reef conservation through the Colar Scholar program. We aspire to provide opportunities for local young women to be able to provide for their families' livelihoods and support their dreams through climate education. Supporting the revitalization of the fishery and tourism industry by building a resilient coral ecosystem and training on becoming a community leader.