As the Covid-19 pandemic remains a persistent threat to public health, we must all stay at home to help slow the spread of virus and “flatten the curve.” And there is one thing we all can do from our homes to help communities who are struggling to strive: spread kindness and generosity.

CarbonEthics is launching a crowdfunding campaign to support coastal communities during the biggest economic challenge of their lives. We need your help to give these farmers jobs while also saving the Earth.

For donations through GO-PAY/DANA/LinkAja/JeniusPay/Credit Card and others, check our KitaBisa page.

Spread Kindness and Generosity

With your help, you can give them the hope they need by supporting them with dignified work during this challenging period. They will be busy planting more trees (safely!). What’s more, you will be doing your part to help communities livelihoods while tackling climate action and offsetting your emissions from your home.

Pak Mustari

Pulau Pramuka, Jakarta

Ibu Maryanna

Pulau Harapan, Jakarta

Pak Momo

Thousand Island, Jakarta

Blue Carbon Package

When you support 1 Blue Carbon Package, our farmer partners will plant 1 marine mangrove tree, 1 estuarine mangrove tree, 1 seedling of marine mangrove, and 4 seedlings of estuarine mangrove.

This is enough to offset 150kg of your carbon emissions!

Baby Coral Package

When you support 1 Baby Coral Polyp, our farmer partners will transplant 1 baby coral for you.


Before going back to the ocean, the baby coral rock can be labeled with your name or the name of a loved one.


Even though corals don't have a high rate of CO2 sequestration, they are essential to guarantee coastal protection and marine conservation.


Why contribute to this campaign?

  • We are helping mangrove and coral farmers who live on islands in small communities that have lack of support.

  • This campaign will help to provide them with dignified work so they can secure a safe income for their families.

  • Enabling these communities to work as full-time farmers will give them pride and joy as it is meaningful work that they enjoy.

  • The farmers will be planting in an open space, adhering to the best social distancing measures and using masks to ensure their safety.

  • These plantings will directly restore and conserve the Blue Carbon Ecosystem, which is estimated to have the highest rate of destruction among any ecosystem on Earth. 

Pak Askar  & Ibu Maryanna

Planting while respecting social distance and using masks

Pak Ian

Pulau Pramuka

Pak Ian

One of the coral farmers in Pulau Pramuka

Help to give these coastal farming communities hope during these difficult times.

Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t!


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