Celebrate a special moment

by giving back to Mother Earth and Coastal Communities!  

Why should we give back?


Our Mother Earth has been providing for us since before we were born.

and what are we giving back?

As humans we consume in order to live, while we are doing this we are polluting our land, our water and our air. But this year we want to invite you to do something good for our Mother Earth by protecting the environment and supporting coastal communities.


Donate to an environmental cause and share this moment with your loved ones. 

How can you be a part of it?


Make it Personal

Know your why.

Why do you want to donate to this cause? You will be surprised how many people are willing to help the environment and local communities when we make it personal.


Use Your Voice

Today there are many free platforms that we can use to amplify our voice.


Once you know the why of your campaign and the action steps needed, post on your media, message your friends and family.


Follow Up

We live in a fast paced world. Sometimes we want to do things, but without a reminder, we forget about them.


Keep that in mind and don’t forget to remind your family and friends of your campaign.


Share Results

Got donations? Start sharing the results. Your friends and family will appreciate knowing how they supported your cause, and more people will get inspired to do the same.


Monitor The Growth Together

After your trees and corals are planted, you can monitor their growth together with your family and friends!


Check our Watch Them Grow page for a sneak peek of what yours will look like.

CarbonEthics got you covered.

Download the toolkit below for some templates.

Are you ready to take action,

but still not sure what to say?