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We welcome all partners including governments, organisations, NGOs, private sectors, small businesses and research institutions.


We believe partnerships are a key enabler in demystifying the global climate crisis, achieving long-term impact and sustainable change.

We look forward to working together with like-minded people and organisations to protect and preserve the coastal blue carbon ecosystems and our local Indonesian communities. Amplifying awareness, exchanging expertise, increasing practical impact and visibility on blue carbon action.


If you are interested to partner with us, please share your expression by getting in touch with our CarbonEthics team via our email at or here

Here are a few of our partnership stories from our partners themselves!

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Seastainable contribution

About Seastainable

Seastainable is a social business that supports marine conservation in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and Malaysia.  They do this by encouraging individuals to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and be increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and at the same time channeling our profits to environmental organizations in need.

What is Seastainable.Co's plan to support a sustainable future?

Since we started in 2017, we've contributed over SGD $ 30,000 to over 33 conservation projects across 5 countries and impacted over 5,200 individuals in local communities through the Seastainable Grant. (Check out the annual reports here, or follow us on social media to see our impact). 

As an organization, we are committed to sustainability in Southeast Asia, through Seastainable events, workshops and talks to drive collective action. We continue to encourage sustainable living for individuals by providing sustainable alternatives to everyday disposable items through our online store.

How is Seastainable.Co partnering up with CarbonEthics? 

Through our partnership, we have made the Blue Carbon Programme (BCP) plans available on the Seastainable website and adapted CarbonEthics’ carbon plans, making them accessible to our customers in Singapore. With the BCP plans, we are able to promote sustainable purchases that serve a greater purpose that encourages and educates individuals about sustainable living and how every effort counts to restore our marine ecosystems, and eventually, our planet. 

How does partnering up with CarbonEthics help meet your sustainable goals?

As a social enterprise, our goals are wired towards doing social good for our seas. This is attuned to the UN’s Sustainable Goals for 11. Sustainable Cities & Communities; 12. Responsible Products and Consumptions; and 14. Live Below Water. Through the CarbonEthics Carbon Plans, we are able to pave more opportunities as a social enterprise to meet these goals as each plan is able to support livelihood and communities in Indonesia, help us offer more sustainable products to purchase, and help store our seas.

“We’re glad that we have CarbonEthics as our partner to bring carbon offsetting initiatives accessible and educational for everyone, anywhere! 

As we work closely with the CarbonEthics team (Bimo, Jess, Ika, and Stephanie), we continue to be inspired by their efforts in carrying out their advocacy for marine conservation through carbon offsetting” 


From Samantha Thian,

Seastainable.Co Founder


in partnership with

About WRI

WRI Indonesia is an independent research organization that turns big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being. WRI Indonesia’s mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect the Earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.

What is WRI Indonesia’s plan to support a sustainable future? 

WRI Indonesia works on five critical issues to secure a sustainable future:

  1. Forests: Alleviate poverty, enhance food security, conserve biodiversity, and mitigate climate change by reducing forest loss and restoring productivity to degraded, deforested lands.

  2. Climate: Protect communities and natural ecosystems from damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions, and generate opportunities for people by catalyzing a global transition to a low-carbon economy.

  3. Cities and Transport: Improve the quality of life in cities by developing and scaling environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable urban and transport solutions.

  4. Energy: Drive the scale-up of clean, affordable power systems throughout the world to deliver sustainable socio-economic development.

  5. Ocean: We are charting the path for a New Ocean Economy that is good for jobs, economic growth and human health -- while protecting and restoring the ocean.

How is WRI partnering up with CarbonEthics? 

CarbonEthics is one of our partners in the Emission Reduction and Sequestration Initiative, an initiative to mitigate the impact of man-made carbon emissions on the climate crisis by mainstreaming activities that reduce and sequester carbon emission. 

In this initiative, WRI Indonesia developed tools such as mobile application (EMISI) and  website ( to measure and track the amount of carbon emissions produced by individuals, groups or institutions. Then, we collaborate with multiple partners to educate the public on how they can reduce emissions, and for carbon sequestration activities such as tree planting (including growth maintenance). 

CarbonEthics is featured as our planting partners in this mobile app and web and will plant trees for users of App/web who would like to sequester their emission through donations for tree planting. In addition, CarbonEthics is also our partner in a crowdfunding campaign initiated by to allow the public to give donations directly to plant trees to mitigate climate change. The donation page can be accessed at

How does partnering up with CarbonEthics help meet your sustainable goals?

As CarbonEthics has been involved in the Emission Reduction and Sequestration Initiative, Carbon Ethics has helped WRI Indonesia to achieve a sustainable future by empowering the community to take climate action (Goal 13). Besides, CarbonEthics is also our partner to sequester WRI Indonesia’s office emission through planting mangrove in Kepulauan Seribu, as an action taken by our organization to reduce our carbon footprint impact. 

“Since November 2019, CarbonEthics has been one of the key tree planting partners for this nation-wide initiative in Indonesia. CarbonEthics’ scope of work in blue carbon via mangroves and other plants, especially in North Jakarta and soon in other areas, are unique to what Indonesia needs. Our experience of planting thousands of mangroves will continue. WRI Indonesia is proud to support CarbonEthics to achieve our common mission to educate and transform behaviors of individuals to calculate, reduce and sequester human-driven carbon footprints.”

From Nanda A. Noor, 

Sustainable Land Use & Emission Project Lead

WRI Indonesia