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Let's learn how travelling activity can either be bad or good for the environment. Let's learn how to travel cooler.

Scubadiving Trips

Do you know that travelling can harm

our planet?

Tourism contributes up to 8% of total Global Carbon Emission

Carbon emissions from tourism are already contributing up to 8% of total Global Carbon Emission and are predicted to increase at least 25% by 2030  Tourism is greatly threatened by the climate crisis!

In 2050, it is predicted that Monas might be the coastline of Jakarta

And the way you travel may prevent that from happening

Scubadiving Trips

A Climate Positive Trip

Plan, reduce and offset are the three important aspects when preparing for a trip. By this approach, you can make sure that you reduce and offset your emission more than the amount generated on your trip!

Do you know that travelling can also be good

for our planet?

Let's start to #TravelCooler

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