This unique contemporary batik design inspired by the mangrove coastal ecosystem has been beautifully hand crafted into an eco-friendly fabric. Made by the Batik makers at Batik Bakau. This versatile fabric can be used for all kinds of clothing items, such as shirts, skirts, trousers, scarfs and many more, you are the designer! 


For every purchase of Batik Kombinasi, CarbonEthics will plant 2 Estuarine Mangrove Tree

This is enough to offset 146kg kg CO2e of your carbon emissions!


And during August 2020, for each purchase of Batik Tulis, you will receive a 30% discount coupon to be used for any bag purchase!


Product Description 


  • Size: 2.20 x 1.15 m
  • Batik fabric hand made with 100% cotton using natural dye from mangrove waste 
  • Made in Central Java, Indonesia


Deliveries only inside Indonesia.

Batik Mangrove - Batik Kombinasi

Rp584,000.00 Regular Price
Rp499,000.00Sale Price

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