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As we face the Coronavirus pandemic, the world is doing their best to stop the spread and "social distancing, isolation and lock down” practices are becoming the new normal. We ask ourselves, how are our local communities’ being affected by all this? With the slow-down and even stop of most businesses, people living in vulnerable communities are losing their jobs and unable to provide the essentials for their families.

Hope doesn’t end there, there is one thing we know for sure! That we’re all in this together and at CarbonEthics, we are looking at ways to support our local communities during this unprecedented time. One of the communities we are helping is Batik Bakau makers who have lost 90% of their primary income during covid.


You can purchase an eco-friendly batik while helping these vulnerable communities to feed their families.

Find out how you can help below. 


About Batik Bakau

Cayhadi is the founder of Batik Bakau, Indonesian for Batik Mangrove, established in 2013. Batik Bakau is a green entrepreneurship that uses fruit waste from mangrove as natural dye in making eco-friendly batik. The batik makers use unique contemporary patterns (hand drawn or stamped) with inspiration from mangrove coastal ecosystems.

What is Batik?

Batik is a traditional artform and craft that originated from Asia. The art of decorating cloth in this way, using wax and dye, has been practised for centuries. UNESCO recognized Indonesian batik as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

How has covid affected the Batik Bakau community?

Batik Bakau makers have stopped producing with no current or future buyers. The workers are now unemployed and as a result have lost 90% of their main source of income to feed their families.

What makes Batik Bakau environmentally friendly?

The re-use of fruit waste from mangrove to make natural dyes compared to using synthetic dye in conventional batik. This process creates circular economy to re-purpose by-products into quality products. Studies have show, synthetic dyes contain heavy metals, most of the waste is directly discharged into the environment without going through proper processing first. This can cause a negative environmental effect on the surrounding communities.


How can you #SaveBatikMangrove?

CarbonEthics have launched a crowd-funding campaign to support Batik Bakau and their communities during the biggest economic challenge of their lives. We need your help to get them back on their feet!

We will help to sell Batik Bakau products on our website. Promoting Batik products that represents Indonesian cultural heritage, environmentally friendly whilst supporting local communities is what we hold close to our hearts.

And it’ doesn’t stop there! We are closing the loop with every one of your purchase, profits will go to restoring Blue Carbon Ecosystem;

for example:

We hope you can be a part of our journey in sharing your love & kindness through purchasing Batik Bakau’s beautifully crafted designs. They’re a versatile fabric that can be made in a variety of different clothing items, or you can opt for a Batik vegan leather bag.

Why should you support Batik Bakau Campaign?

  • We are helping batik workers living in isolated communities that have lack of support during covid crisis.


  • This campaign will help to promote more buyers so Batik Bakau can resume back to normal work. Allowing workers to have dignified work so they can secure a safe income for their families.


  • You will be purchasing an environmentally friendly batik item that is better for the plant without adding more waste into the waters.


  • Every Batik Bakau purchase, CarbonEthics will be planting directly to restore and conserve the Blue Carbon Ecosystem, which is estimated to have the highest rate of destruction among any ecosystem on Earth due to human activities

Help us support #SaveBatikMangrove during these difficult times of covid!

Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t!


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