Support Coastal Communities


Frontline Actions"

Why Support This Initiative

Through this initiative, we are helping coastal communities who live on islands in small communities that have lack of support by providing them with dignified work. By planting mangrove trees, seagrass and corals, they can secure a safe income for their families during this challenging Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides that, these plantings will directly restore and conserve our blue carbon ecosystem, which is estimated to have the highest rate of destruction among any ecosystem on Earth.


With your help, we can give them the hope they need. What’s more, you will be doing your part to help communities' livelihoods while tackling climate action and offsetting your emissions digitally!

CarbonEthics not only offsets carbon dioxide for the better health of mother Earth, in doing so we have partnered with coastal farmers and communities in Indonesia to support them to thrive and survive in life.


With a new lockdown threatening their local economy to recover, there is one thing we all can do to help these vulnerable communities to strive, that is to l spread your kindness and generosity


We invite the ones who can support workers in need to lend a hand be the light to our coastal communities who are taking direct, frontline actions to reduce emissions and conserve our natural ecosystems.

How To Support

1. Share your support. The first thing you can do from your home and doesn't cost anything is to share our initiative with your network. Show your support on social media by using the hashtag #ISupportCoastalCommunities.


2. Donate your time. Join our team as a volunteer. We are looking for talents to help us decelerate the climate crisis and enhance the livelihoods of these communities. Check the open positions here.

3. Donate your money. As a not-for-profit organization, our goal is to bring a positive impact to our communities socially, economically and environmentally, but we cannot do this without help. By adopting Blue Carbon Packages and Corals, you will be helping us provide work and opportunities to these communities. You can adopt them here


Blue Carbon Package

When you support 1 Blue Carbon Package, our farmer partners will plant: 

  • 1 marine mangrove tree

  • 1 estuarine mangrove tree

  • 1 estuarine seagrass seedling

  • 4 marine seagrass seedlings

This is enough to offset 152,7kg of your carbon emissions!

Rp. 50.000

Baby Coral

When you support 1 Baby Coral, our farmer partners will transplant 1 baby coral for you that can be labeled with your name or the name of a loved one.


Even though corals don't have a high rate of CO2 sequestration, they are essential to guarantee coastal protection and marine conservation.

Rp. 100.000

Baby Coral Family

When you support 1 Baby Coral Family, our farmer partners will transplant 7 baby corals using the coral rockpile method.


The rock can also be labeled with your name or the name of a loved one.


Rp. 550.000

Support these coastal farming communities while offsetting your carbon!

Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t!


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