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red coral

Coral is a key marine ecosystem and an important ally in mitigating the effects of the climate crisis.

Besides, they also help to protect coastlines and provide habitats and shelter for other marine organisms.

However, in the past 3 decades, the world has lost half of its total coral population.


Thanks to you, we’re hopeful to restore corals back into the ecosystem. 

mangrove tree

If you've ever bought any Blue Carbon Package (BCP) from us, then you've contributed to our mangrove planting program. You can regularly monitor our progress in the tracking table below.

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Mangroves are tropical trees that are spectacular in naturally protecting coastal communities living in coastlines from damaging  storms, hurricanes, rising sea levels and erosion. They support a rich biodiversity providing a protective breeding habitat for fish and crustaceans, this also supports livelihood for coastal communities to thrive on. They can store up to 2-10 times more carbon than terrestrial trees and can maintain healthy water quality as they filter pollutants and trap sediments. 


They are the weapons in fighting against climate change and yet they are disappearing 3 to 5 times faster than overall global forest losses. Thanks to our mangrove supporters, we’re hopeful to restore mangroves back into the ecosystem.