We help individuals and institutions to educate, reduce and offset their carbon footprints.

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We aim to educate, reduce, and offset the carbon footprint.

Understand your carbon impact with our calculator.

Restoration and conservation of Blue Carbon Ecosystem.

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Some people in this planet, including some of us are so privileged to spend New Year's Eve by taking holiday with family. Can you imagine how much carbon getting released just from our holiday transportation?

2020 shouldn't be started by heating up our planet even more. Check carbon impact from your holiday transportation with our carbon calculator and offset the carbon with us!

Every Blue Carbon Package that you buy equal to 1 Mangrove Trees plus 1 seed of Seagrass, 1 kg Seaweed, and 1 seed of Coral, that is enough to offset 50kg of your carbon impact.

Check your flight distance from this link and then input the distance into our calculator.

Blue Carbon Package