We help to educate individuals and institutions on how to reduce and offset carbon footprints.

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We aim to educate, reduce, and offset carbon footprints.

Understand your carbon impact with our calculator.

Restoration and conservation of Blue Carbon Ecosystem.

We are always open for collaboration!

Offset 3x more for the same price

Now on you can offset 3x more carbon for the same price! This is possible because we upgraded our Blue Carbon Package by changing coral seed with estuarine mangrove tree for a higher carbon sequestration rate.

Previous package: 50kg CO2 (1 mangrove tree, 1 seagrass seed, 1kg seaweed and 1 coral seed).

New package: 152.66kg CO2 (1 marine mangrove, 1 estuarine mangrove, 1 seagrass seed and 1 seaweed seed).

Adopt a "Coral Rockfell"

Coral is an important ally in combating climate change. Besides, they also help to protect coastlines and provide habitats and shelter for other marine organisms. However, in the past 3 decades, the world has lost half of its total coral population.

A way to support Indonesian coastal communities and help to protect and restore their territories is by adopting a "coral rockfell" through our coral transplantation project.

Coming back from holiday?

Some of us are privileged enough to take vacations with our loved ones to distant places. But can you imagine how much carbon is getting released just from our holiday transportation? 


Let's not be part of the problem that is heating up our planet even more. Check carbon impact from your holiday transportation (flight and/or land transport) with our carbon calculator and offset the carbon with us!

Every Blue Carbon Package that you buy includes 1 Marine Mangrove, 1 Estuarine Mangrove, 1 Seaweed Seed plus 1 Seagrass Seed, that is enough to offset 150 kg of your Carbon Emission.

Check your flight distance from this link and then input the distance into our calculator.

Blue Carbon Package