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Coral Scholar

Building Resilient Seas, One Woman At A Time

Welcome to

  Padangbai, Karangasem, Bali  

The heart of Bali's tourism, fishing, logistics, and transportation industry

Women make up the majority population of Karangasem with half of them being within active working age. However, only 22.31% of the girls in the region have a high school diploma or higher degree. More than 36,31% of girls do not even receive a basic primary school education.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, activities of industries that supports locals' livelihoods plummeted. And in 2020, the number of impoverished people reached an all-time high.

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We aim to provide opportunities for local young women to be able to provide for their families' livelihoods and support their dreams through climate education. Supporting the revitalization of the fishery and tourism industry by building a resilient coral ecosystem and training on becoming a community leader.

 About Coral Scholar

We empower local youth, specifically young women to understand the importance of reef conservation and its roles in it.