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Our Privacy Policy

Your trust is the most valuable to us. Since we involve your information within our works, please acknowledge what we collect, why we collect, how we collect, how we protect, and how you can personalize your information.

CarbonEthics Privacy Policy

This notice is issued by CarbonEthics on behalf of itself (affiliates, "we", "us", and "our) and is only applied to all visitors of our websites ( and users of our services (address, "you" and "your").

The purpose of this notice is to show you that we take your privacy seriously within our work. When you visit our websites or/and use our services, we collect the personal information you may attach whether consciously or unconsciously. We highly believe that this is a big responsibility to maintain your trust and therefore will provide a big room to involve you in control.


We want you to understand what personal information you provide to us from the following sources:

  1. Your apps, browsers, and devices history: From this source, we may obtain some information, such as unique identifiers, browser settings & type, device settings & type, operating system, and mobile network information.

  2. Your online activity: To recommend related content for you, we may obtain information, such as terms you search for, videos you watch, views and interactions with content and ads, sound and audio information, and purchase activity.

  3. Your location information: Information that we obtain from this source will help us to give content and ads related to your general location. Its accuracy can be determined by various degrees, such as GPS and other sensor data from your device, IP address, and information about things near your device.


All the data collection and procession we conduct are aimed to give you the best online experience with us. For data protection, we have implemented technical and organizational measurements for your collected data using some security protocol that only allows trusted employees to access it.

About Cookies

Cookies (also referred to as browser cookies or HTTP cookies) are small pieces of data stored in your browser which are used to track the settings you have selected and actions you have taken on our sites. This is important because of a GDPR requirement (General Data Protection Regulation, EU law on data protection and privacy which came into force in 2018) which makes compliance an essential component of most websites.


This feature is essential to validate your identity as you browse page to page on our websites. Cookies will also improve your login credentials, more persistent shopping carts, wish lists, product recommendations, payment information, and other features that will give you the best online experience with us.


We use some types of cookies as shown in the table below:

Contact Us

We are open to any questions regarding our Privacy and Cookies Policies.

If you have any, please contact

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